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Poems about Love


Seeing reflections That don’t exist With every wind gust Another twist Peripheral vision Something catches my eye Know it is you Just tell me why Give me a clue Do I need to say a word? Although it’s you that’s … Continue reading

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Whenever You Want

Will never be more Than an inch inside Easier to notice If trying to hide Wasn’t an intention Trying to keep it clean Know you’re craving What I’ve already seen Your incredible beauty Hides the wonderment beneath We’d keep mouth … Continue reading

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She Won’t

She won’t text again now It’s what wasn’t said Never to call again Someone else’s bed Not on her mind Her thoughts elsewhere The hurt you’re feeling now She doesn’t care She won’t regret her actions It had to end … Continue reading

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A constant contradiction The antidote and the addiction The illness and the cure Illicit but pure One sided coin Three different faces Knowing all the places Not sure where you are Sweet and sour Weak with power A leaf and … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what she says, It doesn’t matter how she feels. She thinks we are on a wagon of love, But we haven’t got any wheels She pretends it’s going well Pretends she’s got what she desires. Together we … Continue reading

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You Say

You say the words ‘I love you’ Like others say hello It’s not going to work this time You know I’ve got to go You say you’ll never lie again That I should forget the ones you’ve said But you’re … Continue reading

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I like you a lot more than I should More than I ever thought I could I’m struggling To go at your speed You’re so far in front Yet, want me to lead Think I want long distance You seem … Continue reading

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