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Sowing The Seeds

We often hear about planting seeds and sowing ideas in our minds but I have one rather odd question to pose to you. What exactly are seeds? Well, it is obvious isn’t it? They consist of an outer shell to … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall Who will rise? Who will fall? Who will admire your symmetrical shape? A super hero without a cape Light reflects in all you are to be Hold no grudges The guilty and the free We … Continue reading

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Gang Stand

I’m a chameleon Blend in From background to foreground Get under your skin Don’t know what he did Been told he has to be done It’s an unnecessary battle One never won As he runs for his life 6 of … Continue reading

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It’s about feel, touch and what is real. It’s about a real world not a virtual one. It’s about not being fake with the choices we make. About interpretation of something, who decides that, how and why? People get ‘forced’ … Continue reading

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