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Relaxing Vaping Laws in UK

Dear Norman, It took years for smoking to be seen as socially unacceptable and finally, after decades, the government finally took action. Even though it would result potentially in a huge loss of income, public opinion overwhelmed the government propensity … Continue reading

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Why is developing AI dangerous? Why we should give up on it? And why we won’t?

Why is developing advanced artificial intelligence so dangerous? Let’s just jump straight in and get to the point here. In order to develop something, create it, you have to understand it, what you are designing, the end result, and what … Continue reading

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A Child Trapped in a President’s Body

Let me start by stating I know we have our problems in England. One of the traits of the English, in general is to be abundantly arrogant, and this really annoys me. Something demonstrated rather disgustingly adeptly recently by an … Continue reading

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