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Uniform Conform

People laugh at what they don’t understand They think it’s easier Heads buried deep in the sand “Don’t be ridiculous” they say “That’s not true” Well excuse me But who the hell are you? I’ll think what I like I’ll … Continue reading

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“Want to buy an Aventador?” Sometimes having less is more Like a defeat or nil nil draw It’s always good to aspire Never the enthusiasm to tire Seems difficult to explain Has to be a compromise No point having a … Continue reading

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What would it take? To change your mind Never thought being able to see Could make us blind What would it take? For them to actually hear Becoming more distant As move near What would it take? To notice the … Continue reading

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Comfort In Chaos

Clearing the decks Space to create No limitations Why ever wait? A big window Light lifts the mood Able to release The forgotten feud Consumed by clutter As if helps to think Utterly ridiculous A tenuous link Chaos causing comfort … Continue reading

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For Giulia’s sake grow up Alfa Romeo

There has been lots of hue and hurrah about Alfa Romeo’s Giulia’s unveiling and imminent release. Experts and bloggers alike are awash with comments and critique about the new model. Figures and facts have hit the headlines about its Ferrari … Continue reading

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Front of Mouse

He or she scurries around Behind the scenes Although not noticed On your plate their dreams Whether pasta or pizza They appear not there If not complaining about your meal May not care Going un-noticed Maybe what they prefer Working … Continue reading

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Sammy the speaking spider & Jasmine

Someone out there must want to help me get this published? I’ve written much more, and I’ve been informed the agency who takes it will decide who illustrates it although I would like to have some input. If you read … Continue reading

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