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Penalty Charge….. Notice?

Are you happy? Enjoy your line of work? Fulfilled, contented? Professional not a jerk When you were at school Is this what you had in mind? Parked in the wrong place Make sure they are fined Tell yourself it’s the … Continue reading

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All Change Please

You missed your train What does that say? Continues with the theme A horrible day So what now? Half an hour to burn A waste of your time What’s there to learn? Be introspective Your soul within Quiet place with … Continue reading

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Do you go with your instincts? Or give him another chance? Do you stay in and watch tv? Or ask him to dance? Do you watch the films he likes? And watch yours on your own Do you allow your … Continue reading

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Why High Heels?

I have always loved high heels. No, I don’t mean wearing them myself, I mean their design and them being worn by another, and my preference here is a woman. I have always been intrigued by their design, who makes … Continue reading

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The Paper Cut Principle

How many times a day do you hurt yourself un-intentionally? I don’t mean really cause yourself pain, you know like losing a leg, but stub your toe or trap your finger, or cut your finger, or bang your head or … Continue reading

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