Your will to change
Always a choice to grow
All a question of range
Taken fast or slow

Talking about old times
Chances that lay lost
Punished but no crimes
Can’t keep counting cost

Stop living on repeat
Play, rewind, and play again
Opportunity at your feet
Doesn’t have to be the same

Don’t try and compare
Get out on your own
There if to dare
Cease to condone

Mark Scotchford © 25/09/2018

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Doodle C


I’m doing this one now… work in progress…..

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I’ve found some doodles I did years ago. One back in 1992 which took 4 months to complete on and off. And another uncompleted. There are two photos of the one from 1992. One is it framed.

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Don’t want to be just friends
Neither do I
Arms outstretched
Let’s touch the sky
Or maybe the next crisp
Have a sip of beer
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves
And it’s your turn to steer

Said too soon?
Care to take
Let’s lay bare
Open soul
Is this a trick?
Am I falling in?
Oh to hell with it
And what lies within

Sign me up
Go the whole hog
Let the mist descend
Bring on the fog

So sick of searching
Wood between trees
At your mercy
Be true to yourself

Don’t look ahead
Rebel doesn’t need
A cause
Reject pat on the back
Deserve rapturous applause

Mark Scotchford © 23/08/2018

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On a page
Try to
Without rage
With a written word
However absurd

With a pencil or pen
Wherever or when
A brush of paint
However quaint

Mind so free
What will be?
Will be

With hands
Whilst making
Other plans

Must always
Imagination hard
To resist

Escape the norm
Pages torn
Regroup and rewrite
Could get the call

Mark Scotchford © 19/08/2018

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Face in a Hundred Lines


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Relaxing Vaping Laws in UK

Dear Norman,

It took years for smoking to be seen as socially unacceptable and finally, after decades, the government finally took action. Even though it would result potentially in a huge loss of income, public opinion overwhelmed the government propensity to talk a lot but do very little. Finally the smoking ban was introduced in 2007. Smoking had remained socially frowned upon since, and millions realised their lives had been extended through not smoking or ingesting passive smoke. Smoking, something for decades that many said was OK, even good for you, was banned and we all have felt healthier for it. Hurrah many thought.

Now, here we are in the present day, and here we go again. History repeats. Yet again the government has either failed to react, or is reluctant to react to something new when there are pound signs looming large, in this instance, through a smoky haze.

Testing, regulatory bodies, studies, anything useful that could have been introduced or occurred to safeguard the general public, as usual as not happened, been weak, not extensive, or delayed. I’m not just talking about the risks to the “Vapee” if you will, I’m also talking about the Vaper themselves.

There are those that take it up to give up smoking and there are others that have taken it up, just because it is “On Trend.” And now you are advocating there are no laws governing it at all. I know the world is changing. I know when I was growing up we had personal stereos which were just that. Stereos with headphones or earphones that were personal. The idea being that only the person with the stereo hears the music. This was generally successful. I know it is different now. People just play music in a public place, whenever and wherever they want. That’s one thing. Smoking and vaping are quite another.

The dichotomy of this is we now talk about “Anti-Social” behaviour.

I am used to the government not making the decisions it should, stating changes and then taking no action, making promises. I am used to the air quality in this country being pitiful and darn right illegal in some areas.
Sometimes though, it is the little things. So what I must object to, vehemently, is the notion that the general public is happy for someone else’s plumes of strawberry (or whatever else) smoke to waft into their face, wherever they are.

I don’t even care if you can categorically state and confirm that there are no passive health risks for someone’s vaping smoke, which I doubt you can. Remember what was said about cigarettes?

I don’t want it. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to smell it, and I don’t want people to think it is OK to billow this stuff out in front of me at an open air concert, or show, or whatever else. Anywhere, basically.

Instead of trying to make sure there are no vaping laws to get a few votes from the few. Why don’t you do something to clean up the already polluted air in this country and save the lives of the many? Recent studies suggest about 10,000 people die from air pollution alone each, just in case you didn’t know. And don’t even get me started on Diesels….
Yours, with hope.

Mark Scotchford © 18/08/2018 Letter to Norman Lamb (MP) who is suggesting Vaping laws be relaxed in the UK. Copied to BBC which is where I first read about his suggestions.

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