Obsessed with flying
Knowing we are dying
Never stop trying
Ignoring the lying

Staying true
Me, them, and you
Knowing what to do
Will pull us through

Cannot give in
Knowing we have to win
Never end but begin
Although the odds are thin

Feel it in the air
Knowing that you are there
Show me how they care
Cannot only stare

Mark Scotchford © 20/06/2017

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Whenever You Want

Will never be more
Than an inch inside
Easier to notice
If trying to hide

Wasn’t an intention
Trying to keep it clean
Know you’re craving
What I’ve already seen

Your incredible beauty
Hides the wonderment beneath
We’d keep mouth closed
Unless exposing teeth

Now wide open
Split in two
Know there will never
Be me and you

I’m good with it
A pleasure to know
I’m a rock in your hand
So please throw

Wherever I land
You’re in my heart
In another lifetime
This story can start

Will sometimes walk in rain
So they can’t see my tears
This is for us
And those never had years

Mark Scotchford © 09/06/2017

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The Wotton Hatch
Will he?
Be a catch
You two
A good match

Letting you choose
Where to go
May be something
All ready to know

Having taste
Subtlety and style
Sure he sees
That wonderful smile

So much of what we are
Comes from within
Turning the pages
Your new chapter
To begin

This is me
Saying sorry
For calling you late
And raising my voice
Enjoy your coincidences
Fate and choice.

Mark Scotchford © 26/05/2017

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Automotive – Winds of Change

3 drivers independently comment that each of these cars feels ‘heavy’ and very stable when driving straight and at high speed.

3 independent automotive aerodynamicists confirm that because of their design, they would do.


Mark Scotchford © 20/05/2017

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See Psychology, Psychiatry, & Neurology

If you always look at something in the same way…..

You’ll always only ever see the same thing and have the same view.


Psychology Looking at things the same way

What could you be missing?

psychology will always see same thing

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Alfa Romeo Used Approved Advert

This should be an advert for used approved Alfa Romeo’s shouldn’t it?

After they give me a job and let me fix their dealer network and customer service.

Alfa Romeo UK Used Approved Advert

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Finding you more
And more appealing
Is it what you are?
Or are not revealing?
Want me to figure out?
What you are concealing
Or is it best left?

Drawn to subtlety and class
Yet dare not mention
Your arse
Would ruin the ruse

Shall we snooze?
See what there is
To lose
Or just
Let go

Sure there is more
To know
And this isn’t a show
Not a ruse
At all

Cannot deceive
Fall or throw
And I will
I am yours now
So believe

Nothing else
To speak
With your movement
A devilish streak
Time to
Bare all

Mark Scotchford © 19/05/2017

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