There is no excuse
Even that sounds lame
Waste of your time?
Wasn’t a game

Cannot decipher
Twisted metaphor
High as a kite
Crash to the floor

Thought about the efforts
The sacrifice
Bending over backwards
Trying to play nice

Every dot dotted
All the t’s crossed
Looking ahead
Already lost

Dinner reservation
Flowers expected
Recoil from expectation
Hidden truths protected

Conform to the norm
One of the nights we show
Some might say yes
Other’s lord no

Salute all who take part
Valentine for the free
Prices are doubled
Worth the sentimentality

Mark Scotchford © 15/02/2017

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A Child Trapped in a President’s Body

Let me start by stating I know we have our problems in England. One of the traits of the English, in general is to be abundantly arrogant, and this really annoys me. Something demonstrated rather disgustingly adeptly recently by an abhorrently ghastly snobby little young yob setting fire to a twenty pound note in front of a homeless person. I will write about this in another article but for now, with the English arrogance and our other many problems set to one side, let’s talk about America.

I know I am not American, and have never lived in America, or in fact ever been there, but it is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, up until now. I just can’t go there at the moment. It isn’t because of work restrictions or other commitments because I don’t have any, it is because of who is America’s current President.

You would think my predicament of never having been to America would make it rather impossible for me to have an opinion on it but alas, I’m going to have one. No doubt, millions would disagree but Barack Obama in my rose tinted view has been an incredible President. I didn’t like it when he started meddling in England affairs saying famously we “would be at the back of the queue” when it comes to trade agreements but aside from that, I think he has been great. Like I say, I am uneducated when it comes to what he has achieved, but I can see what he set out to do. There are many good things he wanted to do, and would have done, had it not been for the Senate and Congress. Health care and gun law reform were two worthwhile pursuits and would have had a positive outcome for America I am sure.

A couple of things I can comment on though, which do not require me to have a better understanding of American policy before I do is Barack’s demeanour, his aura, his personality.

He seems to be a thoroughly lovely chap, a really nice guy, who was trying to do well and make America a better place. Yes, some say he was a “soft” President and wasn’t tough enough in many decisions but he showed compassion, consideration, intellect, and a measured, proportionate response to most situations. In summary, he was Presidential whilst in office and appears charismatic and humbling out of it.

Whilst President he filed 276 Federal Executive Orders, that is an average of 34 a year. One of his first was called “Ensuring Lawful Interrogations.” This was swiftly followed by another, to dissolve the existence of Guantanamo Bay detention camp. In my view, these were very tough calls, but he still did them, and they signalled a new direction for the Country and a statement for his Presidency.

By contrast, Donald Trump has made 12 in 23 days. The first being to repeal “Obamacare”, and the third relating to Border Security and Immigration Enforcement. Do you know what the worst part of his presidency is for an onlooker to observe? It’s his behaviour, it is the way he has been throughout the whole campaign, and no doubt his whole life, and now, unfortunately his presidency.

Look at what he said throughout the campaign. It was all pantomime, almost all bravado, and a caricature of how someone should be. It was all a show to him. He incited violence and hate. He called upon voters to shoot Hilary Clinton, he stated categorically that Barack Obama Founded ISIS and for god’s sake, he was still elected. How? Why? Whenever things don’t go his way he has two default responses. They are either to bleat that things “aren’t fair” or to bully whoever or whatever has incensed him.

Look at the way he signs those Executive Orders. He doesn’t sign them like a President. He signs them as if he is a child in class who has all the sweets to himself. He has this smug, childish sense of “I won” all about his face. He reminds me of a six year old who just cannot contain his own glee at beating the other children in his class. That’s almost endearing to see in a six year old but to see a President behave like that, well it is just….. Oh, it’s horrible.

Here at home in England, we all would do well to remind ourselves we are supposed to live in a United Kingdom. For Donald Trump, someone has to remind him he is supposed to live in the UNITED States of America. Yes, Donald, that word is united, not divided.

Mark Scotchford © 11/02/2017

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Pulled you close
Then pushed you away
Will always think about us
Sounds such a cliché

Can love be better?
When it’s a memory
Musing contemplation
Where we both could be

I relish the reminders
Thoughts flow of who we were
As currents pass over rocks
Emotions start to stir

Cannot defend
Will not deny
Although can have moments
Not a simple guy

Experience of life
Doesn’t give an excuse
As the grip tightens
Fight more to be loose

But this grip isn’t harmful
It’s the best element of being
Shouldn’t be scared of love
Disbelief in seeing

Must have to move on
Memories fade to past
Always endure for me
In mind we can last

Think about how you are
Contemplate saying “hello”
Would it just cause hurt?
Best to let it go?

Mark Scotchford © 05/02/2017

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Tear & Tears

She’s gonna break your heart
Tear you inside out
You’ll be in pieces
Wonder what it’s about

Everyone will stare
You’ll feel she’s out alone
It will end by text
And you’ll break your phone

Those big blue eyes
Will make every man melt
The long blonde hair
And the touches felt

The fluffy fur coat
Fake or is it real?
Still completes the look
Only one heart to steal

Surely she must get bored?
Continual advances
Beauty is symmetry
Fate and circumstances

An earring in the nose
Doesn’t seem to detract
Always happy and smiling
Is it just an act?

With a single move
I see your heart melt
Inexperience of youth
Hold onto what you felt

One day she’ll be old
Attention will subside
You’ll forget those days
The hours that you cried

Mark Scotchford © 04/02/2017

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I’m trying
To get inside your head
It’s easier
Now we’re drunk and fed

The words
Trickle from your lips
Wriggle and writhe
Dancing hips

Conversation simple
Undertones complicated
Always rush in
Guess we should have waited?

Unique approach
Cut to the chase
Obvious what comes next?
A vacant face

Can do whatever we want
That includes us two
Is there such a thing?
Just a tunnel you’re passing through

Out the other side
We can both see the light
No need to string it out for years
A few months feels right

Good while it lasted
Both of us are strong
All those cobwebs blasted
There never was ‘our’ song

Mark Scotchford © 04/02/2017

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Say I’m intense
Depends on my mood
An abundance of intellect
Mind rather crude

Doesn’t it all come down?
To our inherent wish
Beans on toast
Or a succulent dish

All in control
Of our reality
How others see us
Our insecurity

Thoughts within
Innermost desire
When do we say it?
Turn the candle to a fire

Can go through life
Never know it’s there
Others can see
And some don’t care

Main course with chilli
Dessert is ice cream
Have to experience it all
Mediocre with extreme

Mark Scotchford © 29/01/2017

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Some Reward

Can see so much
In your face
Those lines
The expression
State your case

Your vision
Their decision
Out of your hands

With precision
Your persistence stands

Never tire
Continue to do
Very well

Maybe not now
Soon success
Will be recognised
Time will tell

Mark Scotchford © 12/11/2016

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