The Sound Of Silence – Pause For Thought

I always used to think that silence wasn’t a sound. I thought silence isn’t anything, it is nothing. So how can it be a sound? Then I realized, sound is to hear, so hearing nothing is still hearing something. I know this is obvious now.

What does sound mean to you? That phrase, ‘an uncomfortable silence.’ I like it. I don’t know why. I don’t mean I like uncomfortable silences. To my mind I don’t think I have ever had one. I prefer to call them ‘pauses for thought.’

I like silence, actually I can go further than that, I love it. Do you? What sounds to you become a noise? Definition of noise seems to be ‘loud or unpleasant, or causes disturbance.’ Well for me, based on these definitions, whether we hear a sound or a noise is based upon personal choice. I definitely hear more noise than sounds. How about you?

A sound can be so welcome or the most annoying thing in the world. Yet, however much noises have frustrated me, I have never once wished I could not hear. My thoughts go out to those who can’t. Having had problems with ear infections etc I am always glad when they clear up.

Personally, I find comfort in silence, others despise it. I think it gives a great insight into our personalities and past experiences. I also find my view on sounds has changes as I have got older and has been directly influenced by my job. I remember months ago, I couldn’t listen to music, just didn’t want to hear it. Now, because I have left my job and currently don’t have one, I like music again. Sounds that used to annoy me don’t anymore. I know, when I get a new job, where I work and what I do will have a direct correlation between what sounds I like again and don’t.

Also, where we live plays a vital role, our immediate environment, and our general likes and dislikes.

I know this is all rather obvious but I have only just realized it really. I guess it is one of so many things in this life I have taken for granted.

There are sound certainties though. However much my life may change, there are always sounds I will like and there are always noises I don’t, unless circumstances are completely different. I will always love the sound of the sea for example. Hearing waves lapping or crashing at a shoreline I actually find to be one of life’s great pleasures. I guess that may well change if I was ever involved in a catastrophe at sea, or came close to drowning. What a positive outlook I have? I’m just trying to offer a counteraction to my own thoughts. I guess sounds are always personal and subjective.

I’m sure I will always love the sound of the sea, how about you?

Mark Scotchford © 05/07/2015

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Plane Sailing

There to survey a boat
Always ideas afloat
And true
Then he met you
A man with a very active mind
Never thought he would find
Kindred spirits
Souls together
And god bless forever

Mark Scotchford © Written on the 21/05/2015 about my friend getting married. Written in the card to them and posted here 13/06/2015

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Social Malaydia

Recent events in Malaysia with Eleanor Hawkins and her ‘friends’ just makes me wince for so many reasons. Their desecration of the sacred Mount Kinabulu really doesn’t help international diplomatic relations. Yet again social media has helped shame numerous families and fueled the content and accuracy of media news and coverage.

These are very intelligent young people so why does this kind of coverage keep on happening? Well, I guess because they are young, carefree, intoxicated and foolish upon occasion.

That’s all fine but they need to realise that actions have consequences, especially when you are daft enough to post those actions on social media for everyone to see.

The lessons to learn here are very simple:-

By all means, let your hair down, (and anything else you wish). By all means have fun and frolic and enjoy yourself, drink and be merry.

But, and in this case I guess that should be spelt with two ‘t’s’:-

• Respect where you are and the Country you are in and that Countries beliefs and customs
• If you do anything you shouldn’t don’t go and share it with the world on social media

I mean c’mon you do have to be pretty daft to do this don’t you? I don’t get why these teenagers can’t grasp this concept.

Doing something irresponsible is part of growing up, that I comprehend, but doing something that is darn right disrespectful and then posting photos of it for all to see is something quite another. Especially when this ‘for all to see’ includes the whole world. Do they get that? Hopefully they will now.

I get sharing exploits is something they want to do, I, like every teenager did some stupid things when I was young, but do it the old way. Just remember it, and sit in a park and a pub, telling stories, not sitting silently in a pub or park with all your friends’ texting each other photos.

You can use the memory in your head instead of the one in your phone. This new approach, let’s call it ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ will have two positive effects.

It will improve your social skills and it should stop you getting arrested.

Always remember evidence is the key to any misdemeanor so don’t go handing it out to anyone. And in the above scenario make sure no one is recording the conversation. Heck just have a ‘FNPZ’.

‘Friends No Phone Zone ‘

This is the answer I think, and please, don’t do anything really abhorrent. Respect where you are and why you are there. If you want to be truly disgusting go somewhere it is common place, like Ibiza.

Don’t go somewhere beautiful and wonderful, and then urinate them off. Despicable acts will come back to bite us on the posterior, and the more naked we are, the more they will hurt.

Mark Scotchford © 13/06/2015

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Caught in crossfire
Not sure which way to turn
One way cold
Other would burn

Don’t think about above
Never look below
Broaden each horizon
Then just go

Never go back
Only glance over shoulder
Inexperience in youth
Worldly when older

Stick with instincts
Mostly can depend
More faithful than most
Or a true friend

C’mon then
What shall we decide?
Whatever maybe
Let’s maintain pride

Mark Scotchford © 11/06/2015

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No Idea

Less is more
A chance to score
Open the door
Fresh air
Fall to the floor

Hear a sound
Remember the voice
Always have a choice
A decision to make

Table and chairs
Who cares?
All those affairs
Muddled mind
A noise behind
No one is kind
Nerves on edge

The walls have ears
No time for fears
Being watched

Walk the walk
Be silent
Don’t talk
See if that assists
Straight now
No twists

Mark Scotchford © 03/06/2015

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So much turns me on
Don’t know where to begin
Delicate and delicious voice
Desire to win

Cool carefree exterior
Smart and shrewd
Behind innocence and frivolity
Can be rather lewd

Showing vulnerability
Can’t doubt you are strong
Compassion and flexibility
All inhibitions are gone

Shying away from attention
Playing with your hair
Seeming to be confused by a compliment
We both know why they stare

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder
With some only skin deep
I’m the devil on your shoulder
Ready for you to leap

Mark Scotchford © 29/05/2015 (Just found this in a pad, written September 2008)

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David Cameron – Your 5 Year Appraisal

Dear Mr Cameron,

On the eve of the election I thought I’d write to you, say hello, and let you know how I think you have performed in the last 5 years.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear what I think.

You say ‘Stick to the plan’

Well very simply Mr Cameron, why should we? You didn’t.

You will not be getting my vote, and here are the reasons why.

You stood in front of a hospital 5 years ago and said words to the effect of ‘vote for me and this hospital won’t be shut’. You got elected and closed it.

You said you would challenge air pollution which is at absolutely lethal levels in the capital, and you haven’t changed it. This while house prices continue to rise, with a propped up, inflated, false economy. In essence this means people in London are paying a premium so they can have a shorter and lesser quality of life.

This neatly gets me onto diesel engines. Anyone with a brain can easily see a diesel powered car is more harmful to breathe in than petrol. So what did the government do? They ignored the advice from experts, they lowered the price of diesel, got everyone buying diesel cars and after steadily increasing the price of diesel now everyone is hooked, the government has done a kind of U turn and realised diesel is bad. Tax bands will be reformed and the motorist will suffer yet again.

This leads me neatly onto councils who will introduce additional charges for diesel powered cars.

Councils in this country do what they like. The government allows them to set their own ‘laws’ on all manner of things. This leads to disparity and in essence allows them to be a rule to themselves. Parking charges, appeal process, rates, etc, everything the government should be involved with or assist set you have just let them do for themselves. It is why some councils fair much better than others and why so many councils lost millions in the Icelandic bank crash a few years ago, even though they are not supposedly allowed to have ‘savings’.

You said you would safeguard public workers and pensions, you haven’t.

You said you would tackle immigration, you haven’t.

You said you would raise the threshold for inheritance tax, you haven’t. Why on earth should people who have worked hard and contributed to this country while alive be penalised in death? Why? All those piers and ‘non doms’ the government allows to get away with so much, and all those companies that wriggle out of paying tax, and yet ‘the working people of this country’ are held accountable again.

The systems in this country are not working. They are being abused by the few and at detriment to the many.

You have taken easy decisions in my view. It has been easy pickings to go after those who can’t do anything about it. You should have challenged the big players, but you didn’t.

And you can blame the coalition whenever you can; say they have stood in the way of things you wanted to achieve. I don’t buy that either. You have the majority, you are the Prime Minister of this country, you should just get it done.

So Mr Cameron, this is why I think it doesn’t matter how much you run about around the country exhausting yourself trying to get votes. I’m sure many agree with me that it is rather superfluous.

You will not be getting my vote, your term of office will hopefully come to an end, and here at the Equilibrium Party, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Best of luck

Mark Scotchford © 06/05/2015

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