“Remember Elaine?
Yeah, she’s a pain
You know she was seeing Wayne?
Well, they’ve split up
She kept the pup
She loved her more than him

And Cheryl
With the husband who is feral
They’re giving it another go
And Rob
What a snob
I’ve told him where to go

You happy?
Has he changed a nappy?
Or does he leave it all to you?
Are things still snappy?
What about that other handsome chappie?
What are you going to do?

We are still friends?
Yes, made amends
Sorry about that little mistake
Waiting for food
Trying not to be too rude
Guess it is give and take”

Mark Scotchford © 05/07/2016

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Why search?
Why earn?
What can we learn?
We seek
We speak
We know it will burn

The flame
Our pain
Some never miss
A game
There is blame
Others ignorant bliss

Wish to discover
A friend and lover
Be happy and content
The mind
Others find
Our thoughts
Only we frequent

Mark Scotchford © 04/07/2016

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Just because I have lost my voice
Understand I still have a choice

People can speak
But never be heard
Nothing as powerful
As a well-chosen word

I can write and listen
Everything else the same
I don’t need to tell you
Already know my name

My mind over compensates
I am still me
Those that have eyes
Yet never see

May be I will recover
May be I shall not
This has taught me
Love what you’ve got

Hope you feel
I’m not speaking out of turn
All of us can help
Each other to learn

Mark Scotchford © 12/06/2016
Thank you so much Richard for being the inspiration for this poem and for accepting it in the spirit it was intended.

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Music & Motion

Alchemy of the heart
As I listen an look
You move like art

You flow
As if guided delicately by brush
You make motion
There’s no rush

Percussion is life
Sometimes harsh
Sometimes sublime

Lost in your music
We don’t need time

Tempo changes
Caught off beat
Fate also arranges
Symphony both sour and sweet

No conducting
Make our own tune
Reading us as music
Sweep and swoon

Mark Scotchford © 09/06/2016
Written while listening to Alchemy of the Heart by Tangerine Dream

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Airbags, are they all hot air?

The airbag has been around for quite a while now hasn’t it? It was Mercedes who first launched it wasn’t it, back in the 1980’s. I wonder has any tests been done to see how a 30 year old airbag would perform now? Would it work in the same way? The elapsed time, the heating system, sunlight, and other factors must all play a part in its performance, surely?

I read somewhere once that an average airbag deploys at 200mph. That’s 200 mph a piece of plastic will be forced to move from the steering wheel and material that has been curled up for 30 years has to deploy. Will it deploy like it would back then?

Have you ever seen an airbag deploy or been near when one does? For some passengers it may seem scarier than the crash itself, and they are set to deploy with minimum impact.

I’d like to hear reader experiences. I’m sure they do save lives; they must do, but are they really necessary? And what if you sit close to the steering wheel? And what if you drive with one hand on the wheel at 12 O’clock when the airbags go off? I guess all we need is one person to say ‘An airbag saved my life’ and they are worth all the trouble.

I adore the Alfa Romeo GTV 916. I love them. I have one rather sick one which I just can’t get rid of but if I ever was going to buy another one, there is always one piece of advice I see on forums.

‘If the airbag light is on walk away.’ That’s not good is it? There must be a fix for this which doesn’t cost the value of the car. What needs to be done? And it’s not just old cars which become uneconomical to repair so easily. A friend has a Mercedes which is about 4 years old and worth about 40k. He was told, ‘If you hit something at a snail’s pace and the airbag goes off, they will right the car off.’

Mark Scotchford Copyright 07/06/2016

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Your strength
Is your biggest weakness
Rise up
Admire the bleakness

In the shadows
Under our skin
Buried truths
Deep within

Feed off us
Flourish with despair
Hear a sound
No one is there

With others
Get them to entice
Seek out the innocent
The trustworthy and nice

With evil collaborate
Seeking more war
Only create hate

Watch you crumble
Heart of ash
Army will crumble
Another big crash

Don’t you dare?
Think you will win
Good riddance to all
Whoever the Goblin

Mark Scotchford © 26/05/2016

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The biggest mistake
Anyone can make
Is to think
They are indispensable

Your actions to date
Regardless of fate
Have been indefensible

We reap what we sow
Encourage others to go
But what exactly
Do you know?

Same thing for years
Brandishing transparent spears
Could get up and go

Buried deep in the sand
The life you had planned
It’s not their fault

The code to the vault
The dreams you had sought
Who has the key?

Bitter and twisted
Hands sweaty
Always fisted
Don’t dare look at me

Easy to mock
Those gossips they flock
To unnerve and deceive

Point the finger
Empty threats linger
Put down those who achieve

Mark Scotchford © 23/04/2016

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