Learning & Yearning

Comes with age
A good performer
Shouldn’t be scared of the stage

As we get older
We learn more
Have to be careful
What we choose to store

If we don’t use it
It will disappear
Through all the years
What’s important is clear

Our goals and aspirations
May all of a sudden change
Or perhaps over time
We gain or lose range

We have to take risks
Enjoy what is good
Do the things
Never thought we could

Mark Scotchford © 17/09/2016

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Don’t like seeing someone succeed
Relish when they fail
If each of us was an object
You’d be a rusty nail

Don’t want to do anything
Then moan about your life
Put down every women
Wonder why there is no wife

Everything that’s said
Harks back to the past
Unless there is change
Bitterness will last

Always will be negative
Never a good word
Always have to gossip
Ask me what I’ve heard

Only when bored
That’s when I hear from you
Well time for me to say
Always something better to do

Tried to encourage
Help to change your ways
Never heard none of it
In a drunken haze

I’ve had enough
You’re an acquaintance not a friend
Time to say farewell
May all the fractures mend?

Mark Scotchford © 16/09/2016

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I’m watching what I eat
I won’t have a main
Trying gluten free
Will still do cocaine

Today I’ve been busy
3 hours at the gym
Had a skinny latte
Now sinking Gin

Tell me is it true
We are what we eat
Not a second look
See those shoes on his feet

Who looks who up and down?
Guess it’s a human trait
All have our preconceptions
Can be fashionably late

Money is ‘subjective’
Never be worth a mint
Looking in your eyes
Have you lost that glint?

That’s the interesting thing
We always have a choice
Don’t know any different
Silence has a voice

Mark Scotchford © 12/09/2016

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Peter the Pike

I’m a bit of a loner
It has to be said
Lots of teeth
In my head

Puts everyone off
From becoming my mate
Get to close
Will be too late

I can’t help it
It’s what I have to be
From a safe distance
Can still see me

I blend in
So you’ll have to be sharp
Show my teeth
Swim with Carp

I’m happy as this
It’s all I know
So don’t feel sad
Now I must go

I’ll carry on
Never in a shoal
Keep your friends close
Reach your goal

Mark Scotchford © 14/08/2016

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Sammy & Jazmine become Friends

IMG_0392Book 1

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Dance Tonight?

What are you doing here tonight?
Why have you come to this place?
Devil’s in disguise
Written all over your face
Don’t ever let your talents
Go to waste
Life has to be an adventure
Don’t cut and paste

What are you doing here tonight?
No other place you want to be?
All friends or are we strangers?
Who were you hoping to see?
Dance with that devil
Or your destiny
Face the other way now
No need to notice me

What are you doing here tonight?
Too many questions
Or do you want more?
This is no game
No one keeping score
Go on help yourself
There is the dance floor
Don’t worry about anything
We are never sure

Mark Scotchford © 02/08/2016

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Your story
Brought a tear to my eye
I can’t imagine the pain
Repeated question why?

Their lies
Their schemes
Not yours
Yes you are human
So you will have flaws

But what they did
And what they do
They could never explain
Can sense in your writing
So much pain

I know it’s a cliché
What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger
This pain will heal
May just take longer

It’s OK to feel anger
The twister sister Danielle
We are all on a journey
She could end up in hell

Life can be harsh
Unfair and cruel
But don’t make this a war
With your son the jewel

Can’t explain the actions
And what humans do
Only one truth
Always jealous of you

Please hang in there
Don’t do anything rash
They will never take over
Let them count their cash

Hate is
A waste of emotion
Don’t ever feel guilty
Keep love in motion

Mark Scotchford © 30/07/2016

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