No One Is To Blame

I was going to call this Undiscovered as I have only just found it again. When I started reading the words I remembered that I originally wrote it as a song on the 16th August 2005. Next to it, in different writing was the title I decided on. So here it is:-

I know to you I’m just a puppet with strings
But you should know they have turned into wings
And now I’m flying away, I’m flying away from you

I talk to you and you don’t say a word
To stay in this would be absurd
But to listen
Was all you had to do?

Years went by and they all seemed the same
It’s not our fault there can be no blame
And it’s hard
It’s hard to face the truth

So don’t blame me and say it’s all my fault
You marched on my when I called a halt
And believe me
Believe me I have the proof

Now here we are a few years down the line
Talking as friends and now it all seems fine
But I know
I know that’s not the case

We never talked or said what’s on our mind
Don’t you know we have to be cruel to be kind?
And I can still
I still see it in your face.

Mark Scotchford © 22/07/2015

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Point Of Here

A woman gets a cat
A man gets a dog
Time spent stroking and casting
Hours reminiscing

Ducks seem curious
Sat where they sit
Calm and tranquil
No noise seems to fit

The sounds of nature
All I want to hear
Whip of a rod casting
Nature’s intention clear

Fish on a line thrashes
Heads to the reeds
Life very simple
Everything has needs

In this modern world
A rod beeps with a fish bite
Can’t understand this feature
Try as I might

Whole point of here
Friends chat about their catch
Outlook bright and clear
Unlock the latch

Mark Scotchford © 21/07/2015

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Concert All Approach

Looking straight ahead
Never left or right
The odd passer by twitches
Somewhere to be tonight

Gossip among work colleagues
Some talk of another’s mistake
Saying the Thames is a river
Is comparing the Atlantic to a lake

Whatever could it mean?
What is there to say?
Think about it for a second
If not tomorrow
Then just today

Such a mix of people
How many of them shall meet?
Those that are at eye level
Others parallel to your feet

What does it take to excite?
How easy to hook?
An easy flame to ignite
Do you ever look?

Mark Scotchford © 20/07/2015

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Rain Doesn’t Stop Play

Lonely in a crowd
Lowry said that
While he painted the industrial buildings
And many a black cat

Told he was no good
Initially by the established few
He didn’t seem to care
Neither should you

The hustle and bustle of London
No one shares a smile
Unless it’s someone they know
They just get drunk and dial

All those missed opportunities
The friends they could have made
Business contacts or more
The road ahead paved

They look straight on
Only their concern
What do they miss?
For what do they yearn?

Always fascinated by people
Such a sense of intrigue
The comfort of a stranger
Easier to leave

The opposite of me appeals
People that are unaware
Of consequences of actions
A willingness to share

Mark Scotchford © 20/07/2015

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Embankment Cafe

Everyone in a hurry
Rushing past
Wherever to go
Getting there fast

No one seems to notice
What’s in front of their nose?
Fate sealed like an envelope
Is it what they chose?

A couple get close on a bench
No sense of time
Work colleagues or lovers?
They may have crossed a line

It all could be genuine
Neither wearing a ring
May be nothing to hide
Soaring on love’s wing

They retain my attention
Everyone else in solitude
The odd conversation heard
They were a gentle mood

Never any smiles
From those walking alone
Ironic but obvious I guess
Just want to get home

A plethora of people
All trotting by
Fundamental difference between here and Devon
No one here says ‘hi’

Mark Scotchford © 20/07/2015

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In To View

Fifteen seconds apparently
To make up your mind
Doesn’t seem a lot does it?
Conversation just kind

Already decided
Whether yes or no
Stick or twist
Hold or throw

The fate of someone’s future
Clearly defined
Within your grip
Wonder if they’ll mind

Have something in common
Not just about the work
Will ever be summoned
Between the lines what lurk?

Go through all the questions
Jump through the hoop
The game constantly changes
Circle or a loop?

Mark Scotchford © 20/07/2015

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Journey’s Friend

Like a lava flow of red light
Traffic disappears into the distance
And try as I might
Won’t ease on my persistence

Will keep going
Until we are all here
It’s the knowing
Signs are clear

Go about your daily deed
Every desire has need

The rattle of the tracks
Travel in a straight line
Let’s turn back
Become a friend of mine

Mark Scotchford © 15/07/2015

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