Waiting For

The phone to ring
The birds to sing
The end of war
The final score

To see sense
Get off the fence
To do what it takes
With no heartbreaks

The rain to abate
Not to be too late
The last word
No penalties incurred

The truth to speak
Uprising of the weak
Those that should resign
Cancer caught in time

Them to apologise
Whites of their eyes
Evil to cease
A chance for peace

Mark Scotchford 17/08/2015

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I saw her
Standing by the water’s edge
A little closer
She would have got wet

Why is she here?
What is she feeling?
In every move
There is meaning

Want to help
Best to leave alone
After some soul searching
Hope she goes home

What will be there?
Can only guess
Whatever she decides
May it be for the best?

Mark Scotchford © 11/08/2015
(Found in a pad. Written 29th July 2008)

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Brainchild. What does it mean?

Interesting that these two words come together don’t you agree? What does it actually mean though? Well I’m glad you ask. Looking up the definition it states the meaning as someone’s original idea or plan. Mostly this seems to be an individual’s own idea but other definitions suggest it can be a group too. Consensus is an original idea, plan or invention.

Ok, so what? You may say. Well, why use the word child too? An acquaintance a few years ago whose name escapes me suggested that the reason why child is used could be because the idea was in its infancy. Now this is a very smart idea but there seems to be no mention of that in any definition.

Maybe it’s because it’s your idea and you nurture it, like you would your child. I’m not sure the origin of the definition but it got me thinking about what else it could mean. An idea can be seen as genius as genius in its most basic form is pure thought, something new. Someone’s brainchild is nearly always a new idea.

Now I look at the way children are, the way they think and react, dependent upon age and environment etc. There’s immediacy about their lives. They don’t think very far ahead. I guess neither do we as adults any more. Recent research shows are attention span is now rivalling goldfish at 12 seconds. Children generally also have no consequence of actions, they don’t compute ‘what happens after’ and have no sense of immediate pressure or responsibly and neither should they for they are just children.

If you ask a child to draw they will draw. If you ask a child to sing they will sing. If you ask a child to dance they will dance. If you ask a child to paint they will paint.

Now ask an adult any of these. OK, I will reword. Now ask an adult who hasn’t intoxicated themselves on large quantities of alcohol.

What will happen? In general terms I bet they won’t try and do either of them. Why? Because as an adult when we asked to do something we think about consequences. How will we look? Can we do it well? Will people laugh? Will we look silly? Will it be good enough? A child doesn’t think these things. He or she just does it.

To me this shows where as adults we are going wrong, and on a wider scale, where the education system needs to be completely overhauled. We need to lay the foundation for thought and discipline and then let our children’s imagination run wild, and thus continue that process of productivity into adulthood. Playing devil’s advocate it may even be while as adults some of us enjoy and experience the sanguine and serenity of alcohol.

Brainchild to me means an idea conceived without the constraints of an adult perspective. It’s an expression of thought without hindrance and always with hope.

Mark Scotchford © 11/08/2015
(Inspired by a great article by Lachlan Goudie entitled ‘Can anyone learn to paint’ for the BBC)

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The main event
Reason to repent
Not suitable for first class
Kiss my arse

The right to appeal
Reason to reply
Seeking the new deal
Never ask why

Those gone before
Don’t care less
Life’s not an equation
Can’t measure success

Those that think we can
Count the shares
When all said and done
Who cares?

Mark Scotchford 08/08/2015

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No One Is To Blame

I was going to call this Undiscovered as I have only just found it again. When I started reading the words I remembered that I originally wrote it as a song on the 16th August 2005. Next to it, in different writing was the title I decided on. So here it is:-

I know to you I’m just a puppet with strings
But you should know they have turned into wings
And now I’m flying away, I’m flying away from you

I talk to you and you don’t say a word
To stay in this would be absurd
But to listen
Was all you had to do?

Years went by and they all seemed the same
It’s not our fault there can be no blame
And it’s hard
It’s hard to face the truth

So don’t blame me and say it’s all my fault
You marched on my when I called a halt
And believe me
Believe me I have the proof

Now here we are a few years down the line
Talking as friends and now it all seems fine
But I know
I know that’s not the case

We never talked or said what’s on our mind
Don’t you know we have to be cruel to be kind?
And I can still
I still see it in your face.

Mark Scotchford © 22/07/2015

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Point Of Here

A woman gets a cat
A man gets a dog
Time spent stroking and casting
Hours reminiscing

Ducks seem curious
Sat where they sit
Calm and tranquil
No noise seems to fit

The sounds of nature
All I want to hear
Whip of a rod casting
Nature’s intention clear

Fish on a line thrashes
Heads to the reeds
Life very simple
Everything has needs

In this modern world
A rod beeps with a fish bite
Can’t understand this feature
Try as I might

Whole point of here
Friends chat about their catch
Outlook bright and clear
Unlock the latch

Mark Scotchford © 21/07/2015

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Concert All Approach

Looking straight ahead
Never left or right
The odd passer by twitches
Somewhere to be tonight

Gossip among work colleagues
Some talk of another’s mistake
Saying the Thames is a river
Is comparing the Atlantic to a lake

Whatever could it mean?
What is there to say?
Think about it for a second
If not tomorrow
Then just today

Such a mix of people
How many of them shall meet?
Those that are at eye level
Others parallel to your feet

What does it take to excite?
How easy to hook?
An easy flame to ignite
Do you ever look?

Mark Scotchford © 20/07/2015

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