My Angel
Pull on my strings
My Angel
Give me wings

Play me
Let fingers dance
Show me
Within your trance

Pull me
Keep me taught
All those wishes
In every thought

Stretch me
Yet not to snap
Keep me
Away from a trap

The music
Use me to make
Without you
Swan without lake

Mark Scotchford © 24/10/2015
the-angel Erte

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Seeing the sand through the water
Shade hiding danger beneath
The little fish nibble
Bigger ones use their teeth

Can’t explain the currents
Tranquil waters seem too good to ignore
Then waves wash over
Pushed to the ocean floor

The calming waters entice
Sea breeze bringing some sense
Now drawn to open sea
Nature never repents

Crave for the sensible
The horizon seemed so fine
Now searching for rocky waters
The view just a flat line

As the waves get more frequent
Set sail in the wrong boat
Seagulls dive at the unwary
Winners have no time to gloat

Sun glistened on the open water
Now waves obscure view of land
Fish dive for shelter
Others hide in the sand

Rocks seemed so alluring
All the life that they can hide
Now bruised and broken
Can’t fight against the tide

Seeming so cruel and heartless
Yet some seem to thrive
All get pushed against rocks
On a wave we feel alive

Mark Scotchford © 20/10/2015

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Guiding Fright

Sitting on this bench
Wondering what I’ll do
Sun casting shadows
Admiring the view

Irreversible decisions
Got me this far
360 degree view
Don’t see the star

What am I looking for?
A guiding light?
When emerging from darkness
All appears too bright

A ridiculous notion
What is there to save?
When will we reach potential?
After birth or grave?

Mark Scotchford

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Uniform Conform

People laugh at what they don’t understand
They think it’s easier
Heads buried deep in the sand

“Don’t be ridiculous” they say
“That’s not true”
Well excuse me
But who the hell are you?

I’ll think what I like
I’ll do as I decide
Keep using a line with a hook
I’ll cast net far and wide

Trying to measure everything
What happens if no benchmark exist?
What will you do?
Try ticking that off the list

Here’s your pigeon hole
Now sit quietly in your box
What if I want to fly?
I’ll keep trying the locks

Mark Scotchford © 27/09/2015

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“Want to buy an Aventador?”
Sometimes having less is more
Like a defeat or nil nil draw

It’s always good to aspire
Never the enthusiasm to tire

Seems difficult to explain
Has to be a compromise
No point having a supermodel
If you can’t look her in the eyes

With age some things we loose
Others we gain
Controlled approach
Awareness of pain

Get the balance right
Your life will be sweet
The taste of victory
Won’t recognise defeat

Mark Scotchford 25/09/2015

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What would it take?
To change your mind
Never thought being able to see
Could make us blind

What would it take?
For them to actually hear
Becoming more distant
As move near

What would it take?
To notice the here and now
Fogetting the past
Making it all count somehow

It still all happened
Don’t suspend disbelief
Although no one saw it taken
Still means there is a thief

Mark Scotchford 22/09/2015

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Comfort In Chaos

Clearing the decks
Space to create
No limitations
Why ever wait?

A big window
Light lifts the mood
Able to release
The forgotten feud

Consumed by clutter
As if helps to think
Utterly ridiculous
A tenuous link

Chaos causing comfort
Satisfied with wood not trees
Can’t work this way
Some clarity please?

What works for some
Drives others to despair
When we really have to look
That’s when we see what’s there

Mark Scotchford 22/09/2015

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