See Saw

Bought a dress
It was like your other one
Fail to impress
No matter what is done

Found that film
One always wanted to see
Couldn’t remember
What the hell is it with me?

Compliment and play fair
Never seems enough
Conversant and always care
Reply always tough

Out of mind
Except when something to do
Fed up being kind
Is there a way through?

Nothing in the fridge
Not got a lot in
Not even a sandwich
How long has it been?

As soon as left
Cook yourself a meal
Just feel bereft
Tell me this is real

Women not in their place
Don’t have to cook and clean
Jealousy for a friend in your face
What on earth does it all mean?

Cannot continue
Must change your way
Ache in every sinew
Why would I want to stay?

Always a competition
Have to have upper hand
Met with derision
Trying to row on land

Have to say goodbye
Both move on to someone new
Shouldn’t need to ask why
It’s what you’ve made me do

Mark Scotchford © written 09/07/2019 typed up 01/09/2019

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Two Many

Annoyed at him
Was in love with you
This relationship worked
Just us two

What was he thinking?
How could it end well?
Whip up the wind
Bask in the swell

Causing havoc
Just for effect
Gone forever
But won’t end yet

It’s the time it happens
We all have to change
These aren’t cushions or flowers
Want to rearrange

The whole thing
All that we know
Smashed to oblivion
With a show and go

All those times
Decades of deceit
Held on a pedestal
Prefer to be at his feet

Still can’t fathom
Plunge into the deep
Go if still want to
His to keep

But this be the trap
Fallen into my friend
Can’t count on a heart
That has nothing to lend

Mark Scotchford © written on 06/08/2019 typed up 01/09/2019

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Your opinion doesn’t matter now
Why did it ever?
Don’t answer back Son
It’s not big or clever

Stop asking questions
Just do as you are told
Wait until I am stronger
Or you are too old

All those orders
Constantly told how to think
Yourself missing days
That will be the drink

Will there ever be a time?
When you look back
Say sorry and care
As though talking to the third person
Because never really there

Don’t ever imagine
That you taught me what to do
As usual you are wrong
Because it is all of me
And all the others only
I am the polar polarity opposite
Of everything that is you

Mark Scotchford © written 26/08/2019 typed up 29/08/2019

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From cradle
To the slave
From nothing
To the mouth that gave

And well to receive
With temptation and touch
Who would ever leave?

Isn’t always about eagerness to please
Does the master?
Ever get to tease

Look up
Down below
And to the side
Tell me the reasons it is wanted
Remembering why we hide

Let it happen
Lose control, keep saying
Simply just don’t care
The body may heal
Danger and damage
Will always be there

Mark Scotchford © Written 09/08/2019 typed up 28/08/2019

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Never Enough

You know when you are in a really good mood?
And there is a song you’ll play over and over again
And however loud you play it
It isn’t loud enough

However much you move, dance, or jump around
It’ not enough
It’s as though you want more and more
Even though
You know
More will never be enough

Well that’s where I’m going to take you
That’s how I want to make you feel
I’ll make it so you’ll never have enough of me
You’ll always want more
Even when you’re tired and sore

I’ll be the music
The beat and the deep base
You’ll dance underneath and on top with lithe movement
I’ll never forget your face

Mark Scotchford © First written 10/08/2019 typed up 28/08/2019

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Clever Dick

Always remember the other guy
The one with the huge gun
I was feeling inadequate
Until I made you cum with my thumb

May have got in deep
But was he ever inside?
Think he was
In fact I know
Eyes and actions my guide

So what should we do now?
See if there’s still the spark
It’s not up to me
Is he standing there in the dark?

Want there to be no doubt
Go search for what there is to discover
A one night stand only works
Because two equals a selfish lover

Why tell me?
Your motives are at odds my dear
Keep me in my place
A little envy and an ample slice of fear

It’s all so good
I know myself
Have no inadequacy
So thanks for the top tip
Go find him and I’ll continue
To be me

Mark Scotchford © Written 14/08/2019 Typed up 28/08/2019

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Salt and pepper
Ace of base
Others I can’t recall
Still put a smile on my face

Another era
Decades in between
No idea who I am
Or what have been

Common purpose
Music can unite
Jam and Spoon
Right in the night

Music can move
Rhythm and beat
Years make no difference
Flows through arms and feet

Mark Scotchford © 27/08/2019

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