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He will never know you From now to when you’re complete Towers over you He will be at your feet He doesn’t even try Doesn’t know your favourite band Never notices you cry Why won’t he understand? How can he … Continue reading

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Rain Each droplet Represents a world Lost or discovered? A lie or truth unfurled It soaks Way beyond skin Coat or cloak? Sin or begin Changes with wind Not unlike the mind Droplets become streams Lives entwined Mark Scotchford 11/09/2017

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Obsessed with flying Knowing we are dying Never stop trying Ignoring the lying Staying true Me, them, and you Knowing what to do Will pull us through Cannot give in Knowing we have to win Never end but begin Although … Continue reading

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Whenever You Want

Will never be more Than an inch inside Easier to notice If trying to hide Wasn’t an intention Trying to keep it clean Know you’re craving What I’ve already seen Your incredible beauty Hides the wonderment beneath We’d keep mouth … Continue reading

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The Wotton Hatch Will he? Be a catch You two A good match Letting you choose Where to go May be something All ready to know Having taste Subtlety and style Sure he sees That wonderful smile So much of … Continue reading

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Finding you more And more appealing Is it what you are? Or are not revealing? Want me to figure out? What you are concealing Or is it best left? Alone Drawn to subtlety and class Yet dare not mention Your … Continue reading

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Thoughts entering you As I ran into the sea Catch your breath Up to your neck in me The sharp shock As the senses thrilled Full to the brim Not just emotions spilled On the edge Then dive in Just … Continue reading

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