Finding you more
And more appealing
Is it what you are?
Or are not revealing?
Want me to figure out?
What you are concealing
Or is it best left?

Drawn to subtlety and class
Yet dare not mention
Your arse
Would ruin the ruse

Shall we snooze?
See what there is
To lose
Or just
Let go

Sure there is more
To know
And this isn’t a show
Not a ruse
At all

Cannot deceive
Fall or throw
And I will
I am yours now
So believe

Nothing else
To speak
With your movement
A devilish streak
Time to
Bare all

Mark Scotchford © 19/05/2017

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Someone crashed my Ferrari…

I wonder what caused the accident?



Any theories welcome, thank you.

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Thoughts entering you
As I ran into the sea
Catch your breath
Up to your neck in me

The sharp shock
As the senses thrilled
Full to the brim
Not just emotions spilled

On the edge
Then dive in
Just float
Skinny dip swim

Crunching sounds under load
Almost brain freeze
Enter different mode

Under the moon
So bright can see my hands
They are delicately holding
Our pets making plans

Hope you understand
I want you here
What I’m going to do
Should be abundantly clear

Mark Scotchford © 05/05/2017

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A & B Brain Fact or Fiction?

Attached is my drawing that shows how I ‘think’ our brains actually work.

Other important actions to note are:-

All chemicals are released in the brain from TDC which is Top Dead Centre. Why? Well because we spend most of out time upright and this is the best way any chemicals can dissipate evenly around the brain.

This is the reason why medication for mental illness causes side effects unless it is targeted.

It is also supported by our own experiences.  For example, when/if we are lucky enough to have an orgasm with our head forward it feels a different sensation to if we have one with our head tilted back.

Furthermore, my claim is also substantiated by the fact that anyone that motions or postures in an aggressive way, with head tilted forward has different development and synapse sensations than someone whose say ‘level headed.’ This is because more chemicals ‘flow’ in that direction. All this develops over time and as they grow.

Crying we see visually in tears but it is a ‘chemical wash’ for the brain. It is to stop the emotions that are forming from other chemicals that are released in the thinking process. It is designed, (and it always seems to work effectively), to ‘reset’ the equilibrium within the brain ready to carry on.

Mark Scotchford 04/05/2017

A & B Brain Fact or Fiction    ⇐⇐⇐  LINK IS HERE

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I want to be with you
In the rays of the morning sun
Us and nature
We walk and run

You’ll be in front
So I can admire the view
Lithe and tight
Every sinew

Exuding excellence
Dream of your taste
God I want you
Above and below the waist

Kindred spirit
At first neither believed
This will build
Until we are both relieved

Could be one sided
I’m always one to doubt
Wrap yourself around me
Whisper louder than a shout

Mark Scotchford © 02/05/2017

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Even with nothing
Being the one to serve
Can’t help thinking
You’ll get all you deserve.

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They know you’re great
Only when you’re gone
Fight over your words
Sentiment & song

Now always on the radio
Alive never got aired
Too old for their audience
Who the hell cared?

Music that matters
Never worry what they say
Still making a very little
Go a very long way

Always have an audience
Your words cannot die
Played for years to come
Never say goodbye

Not around anymore
Words and spirit
Sets us free
With raised arms singing your songs
What a legacy

Mark Scotchford © 08/03/2017

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