A & B Brain Fact or Fiction?

Attached is my drawing that shows how I ‘think’ our brains actually work.

Other important actions to note are:-

All chemicals are released in the brain from TDC which is Top Dead Centre. Why? Well because we spend most of out time upright and this is the best way any chemicals can dissipate evenly around the brain.

This is the reason why medication for mental illness causes side effects unless it is targeted.

It is also supported by our own experiences.  For example, when/if we are lucky enough to have an orgasm with our head forward it feels a different sensation to if we have one with our head tilted back.

Furthermore, my claim is also substantiated by the fact that anyone that motions or postures in an aggressive way, with head tilted forward has different development and synapse sensations than someone whose say ‘level headed.’ This is because more chemicals ‘flow’ in that direction. All this develops over time and as they grow.

Crying we see visually in tears but it is a ‘chemical wash’ for the brain. It is to stop the emotions that are forming from other chemicals that are released in the thinking process. It is designed, (and it always seems to work effectively), to ‘reset’ the equilibrium within the brain ready to carry on.

Mark Scotchford 04/05/2017

A & B Brain Fact or Fiction    ⇐⇐⇐  LINK IS HERE


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