Airbags, are they all hot air?

The airbag has been around for quite a while now hasn’t it? It was Mercedes who first launched it wasn’t it, back in the 1980’s. I wonder has any tests been done to see how a 30 year old airbag would perform now? Would it work in the same way? The elapsed time, the heating system, sunlight, and other factors must all play a part in its performance, surely?

I read somewhere once that an average airbag deploys at 200mph. That’s 200 mph a piece of plastic will be forced to move from the steering wheel and material that has been curled up for 30 years has to deploy. Will it deploy like it would back then?

Have you ever seen an airbag deploy or been near when one does? For some passengers it may seem scarier than the crash itself, and they are set to deploy with minimum impact.

I’d like to hear reader experiences. I’m sure they do save lives; they must do, but are they really necessary? And what if you sit close to the steering wheel? And what if you drive with one hand on the wheel at 12 O’clock when the airbags go off? I guess all we need is one person to say ‘An airbag saved my life’ and they are worth all the trouble.

I adore the Alfa Romeo GTV 916. I love them. I have one rather sick one which I just can’t get rid of but if I ever was going to buy another one, there is always one piece of advice I see on forums.

‘If the airbag light is on walk away.’ That’s not good is it? There must be a fix for this which doesn’t cost the value of the car. What needs to be done? And it’s not just old cars which become uneconomical to repair so easily. A friend has a Mercedes which is about 4 years old and worth about 40k. He was told, ‘If you hit something at a snail’s pace and the airbag goes off, they will right the car off.’

Mark Scotchford Copyright 07/06/2016


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