Scotty The Baby Squirrel

Hello I’m Scotty the baby squirrel
And I’m having a bad day
I was just playing outside
Then I couldn’t get away

Birds surrounded me
Taking pecks at my side
I’m so scared
And I can’t hide

I don’t know why
They are picking on me
I just want to play
Have fun and be free

I am a baby squirrel
I am not a birds next meal
And although they have hurt me
I hope my wounds will heal

I am determined
I have to be strong
For if we are not
We don’t live very long

This man arrived
When I couldn’t see a way out
I am just a baby squirrel
Can’t scream or shout

I was calling
In my own squirrel speak
But no others could hear me
And I was getting weak

The man scared the birds off
They all flew away
I had little energy
So I had to stay

Knew he was trying to save me
I didn’t have to beg
So while he was looking for me
I ran up his leg

He held me
Felt the warmth of his hand
Sheltered me
He took a stand

I didn’t want him to go
He put me on a tree
If I survive this day
You’ll hear more from me

Mark Scotchford © 31/03/2016

Scotty the baby squirrel

About markious72

Here I wish to let my strange and vivid imagination and opinions run wild. I do hope you like what you read. I would love to be a writer, I won't pretend otherwise. Although it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised it. I guess if it meant to happen it will. Happy reading, happier writing. :-)
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