Where, what, why?

To whom it may concern
What is there to learn?
A reward for a good deed
Or compassion
Consumed by greed
On what do we feed?
What makes our lives complete?
Living in the shadows
Completion of a feat

Where is our home?
Where do we belong?
Studying for that qualification
Or writing a song

Why is anything important?
What makes it so?
Everyone is different
High and low

Believe me
As I write and these words are read
Most things not worth a fight
Enjoy everything
Before we are dead

Mark Scotchford 27/08/2015

About markious72

Here I wish to let my strange and vivid imagination and opinions run wild. I do hope you like what you read. I would love to be a writer, I won't pretend otherwise. Although it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised it. I guess if it meant to happen it will. Happy reading, happier writing. :-)
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