Power Corrupts

Your manager is so powerful
They control your every day
Who would they be?
If that power was taken away?

How strong would they be without their BMW and structured plan?
Take that all away from them and would you see a man?

No you wouldn’t
I’ll tell you what you will find
A tortured soul who is not happy with his life
Taking it out on you is easier than facing the truth
They are not strong at all
That’s why they have to prove

Making your life hell
Because they screwed up their own
After all the meetings
At home they are alone

Surrounded by toys they couldn’t have when young
They told themselves they would become someone
No matter what they have got
No matter how much they achieve
The pain inside that eats at them will never leave

Until they face the past they hide behind
Peace in their soul they will never find

Don’t let them get to you
Or ever hold you back
They are cowardly so now they just attack

You’re so much better than them
They know it already
Leave them behind and keep it all steady

Do what you want
All they never could
And don’t wish them harm
They never understood

Mark Scotchford © Written in 2004 Just rediscovered 18/09/2014


About markious72

Here I wish to let my strange and vivid imagination and opinions run wild. I do hope you like what you read. I would love to be a writer, I won't pretend otherwise. Although it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised it. I guess if it meant to happen it will. Happy reading, happier writing. :-)
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