‘There is no such thing as an accident, it is fate misnamed’

This was said by Napoleon Bonaparte back in the 1800’s or whenever it was, but I totally agree with this extraordinary statement. Now, just to give you some background on this chap, as a character witness if you will, he also said that women merely exist to make babies and nothing else. Now please, can we forgive him that little misguided statement and concentrate on the one that really does make perfect sense? Yes I am talking about the first one I mentioned.

Think about this if you will. Imagine what it would mean if it were actually true. It would mean that everything we do is orchestrated beyond our own comprehension. Or that, as we could be the masters of our own fate, everything we do is for a reason. It could mean that every action we take, be it by mistake as we may think, could actually be an action derived and designed by our subconscious.

Think of these implications, and allow me some ‘Prove I’m Wrong’ scope for expansion and absurdity.

If you have an accident in a car, how do you think it happened? Concentration is a rather large factor in any accident, be it yours or the other parties, but what else plays a part? Beyond say the usual of fatigue, the weather, the other party being an idiot, etc. Do you think anything else does?

Ok, hold this thought. Now, imagine a cat or dog is in front of you. (You’re not in your car at this point). Instead the cat or dog is walking somewhere you know it wants to go. Somewhere it has indicated (not in a road sense), or shown you something it wants to do. It could be to go out the back door, or to its food bowl. If it is on a narrow stair or corridor and you are behind it, invariably, and occasionally, what will it do? It will stop won’t it? It will just come to a halt for no apparent reason other than to annoy, frustrate, and confuse you. Are these the only reasons? Could there be any other possible reason for this behaviour?

How about power, control, assertiveness and authority? Could it be remotely possible that the animal is proving its authority over you, as it sees it? Bear with me on this. By forcing you to stop, by you stopping and not careering into the back of it, the animal is controlling your actions, and from a position of weakness too, because you are behind it.

How many times has the cat or dog stood at a door to be let out, only to want to come back in, a second or two later? This must be control, not just a change of mind. It is how the little blighter establishes it’s hierarchy within the home. It is doing it to prove it rules the roost. I haven’t quite figured out the stick throwing bit yet (dog only) but I’m working on it.

Now, where, how, and why does this meandering of words have any connection with the title of this article? Well, allow me to indulge my own weird mind.

I think in anything we do, our subconscious plays a huge, incredibly amazing, undetectable and indelible part. I think, however absurd, it is entirely plausible and possible for this to extend beyond any normally conceived conception. A key, or a primal, primeval function of this subconscious, must be survival biased. Otherwise there would be little point in processing it. A core survival instinct set would be to detect danger, weakness, and strength.

Do you see where I’m heading with this yet? It’s not oblivion, honest.

I believe in much the same way as the dog or cat stops in front of you for no reason, or does any number of other absurd actions, it is possible that we can do this too, and for much the same reasons.

In an accident how many times has someone said: – ‘I looked but I just didn’t see you’?

I think this is because the subconscious detects a weakness in the other person, showing strength that they will take avoiding action and you will not need to. Or it might be another subconscious understanding between two minds that ‘fate’ as decreed you shall interlink.

Or thirdly, you might just be tired, with a sandwich in one hand, you phone in the other, and you weren’t looking where you were going you idiot. 

Yes, I agree, I need to get out more.

Added 12/3/2011 And I also agree this article goes off in a few odd directions. I’m hoping to make a second attempt at it so it makes more sense. A kind of part 2 amendment. I agree the whole cat stopping in front of you notion is a little odd. That has nothing to do with a traffic accident but, I’m having difficulty wording what I’m trying to explain. Bear with me….

Mark Scotchford © 24/11/2010

Update:- 12/10/2014 – This article still proves to be quite popular. Please see ‘The Paper Cut Principle’  elsewhere on this blog.  You may find this links to it too. Thank you.

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Here I wish to let my strange and vivid imagination and opinions run wild. I do hope you like what you read. I would love to be a writer, I won't pretend otherwise. Although it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised it. I guess if it meant to happen it will. Happy reading, happier writing. :-)
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