Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who will rise?
Who will fall?

Who will admire your symmetrical shape?
A super hero without a cape

Light reflects in all you are to be
Hold no grudges
The guilty and the free

We never look to the edges of the frame
The intricacy missed
Such a shame

We always seem so different
Is it a distorted view?
Just a mirage
Of metal and glue

Is it shiny and smooth one side?
Rough and dark the other?

Abandoned in dust
Who will discover?

Mark Scotchford © 21/11/2014

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Gang Stand

I’m a chameleon
Blend in
From background to foreground
Get under your skin

Don’t know what he did
Been told he has to be done
It’s an unnecessary battle
One never won

As he runs for his life
6 of us come around
As the first blow goes in
He falls to the ground

The blade snapped in two
The cold made it brittle
F**k this sh*t
I’ll swap a revel for a skittle

We’re too young
Don’t know what we are doing
That’s the thing round here
Always trouble brewing

Let’s change our fate
Pick this boy up and give him a hand
Or all sit down together
Or all stand

C’mon soldier
We’re all too young to die
And I know when you’re alone
You must cry

Put the knife down
We are akin
On our own it’s a struggle
Together we can win

Mark Scotchford © 06/11/2014

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It’s about feel, touch and what is real. It’s about a real world not a virtual one. It’s about not being fake with the choices we make. About interpretation of something, who decides that, how and why?

People get ‘forced’ to read a book because peer pressure dictates its good and they should.

They haven’t got ‘the time’ to try the unknown but would spend hours reading a book because ‘they heard’ it was good. They would read this book. But would they write one? Could they? They don’t think they have the imagination to write one but generally a film is never as good as the book. Why?

It is their imagination and interpretation that makes the book good. Everything is open to interpretation, even these words. Even what the artist paints is what the artist sees, and might not be what is there. This is dictated by their talent and their interpretation of what they see. That’s what makes an artist an artist. Their own individual interpretation.

It is what can make an artist become well known, or and famous but who or what determines this?

As an example a squiggle on a page by Damien Hurst is worth thousands but a squiggle by you or me isn’t. Is this right?

And symbolism is a curiosity too. The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich is apparently supposed to be ‘the face of the new art’. Declared this by the man himself. Here is a small part of an experts view on this work. The expert is Philip Shaw and it is used without permission.

‘as grand refusal, repudiating nature in favour of abstraction. As such, the painting may be read in terms of the Kantian theory of the sublime. Favouring flatness over depth, Black Square conveys, in the words of Kant’s ‘Analytic of the Sublime’ (1790), ‘the feeling of displeasure that arises from the imagination’s inadequacy’ in an estimation of ‘formlessness’ or ‘magnitude’.’

It is a black square. Yes? A black square. Shall I say it again? It’s a black square. Maybe in actual fact at the time, he was tired and bored and sad, and his hands were cold and that’s all he could manage. And then he thought, umm what shall I say about this one? If he had of painted it at the beginning of his career I wonder what would have happened to him.

Take our good friend Damien Hurst, he can do anything now and make thousands or millions but I do not consider him to be an artist. He is a businessman, a very clever man and a trend setter. Where he goes others follow and this is one of the points I am trying to make.

If I ever become ‘famous’ I will show, write and point out what I meant by each piece and why, and no one else should have the right to comment and neither should anyone listen.

It is the reader, or the viewer whose opinion is important, not an expert, or indeed neither the artist or author. It is what something means to you that is important, not what it is meant to anyone else or what you are ‘told’ it is meant to be or show for you. Am I right?

Mark Scotchford © 21/11/2014

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Penalty Charge….. Notice?

Are you happy?
Enjoy your line of work?
Fulfilled, contented?
Professional not a jerk

When you were at school
Is this what you had in mind?
Parked in the wrong place
Make sure they are fined

Tell yourself it’s the law
The ease of traffic flow
Bump up your score
As they tell you where to go

Just ‘doing your job’
We’ve all got to get by
Must know its rubbish
A convenient lie

Just a puppet
A council misguided missile
A waste of your time and mine
No guts and no guile

Bays not well painted
Read the deliberately illegible sign
Got to give a ticket
Parked over the faded line

110 pounds
How do you justify this cost?
Where does the money go?
Common sense is lost

Mark Scotchford © 18/10/2014

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All Change Please

You missed your train
What does that say?
Continues with the theme
A horrible day

So what now?
Half an hour to burn
A waste of your time
What’s there to learn?

Be introspective
Your soul within
Quiet place with a sofa
Relax and sink in

Grab a cup of coffee
Ignore your phone
Pen and paper like grain
New seeds are sown

Write anything at all
I really don’t care
Promise me if it’s good
You will share

Mark Scotchford © 14/10/2014

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Do you go with your instincts?
Or give him another chance?
Do you stay in and watch tv?
Or ask him to dance?

Do you watch the films he likes?
And watch yours on your own
Do you allow your wings to be clipped?
Or be glad that you have flown

Do you stay with the job you don’t like?
Because it pays the bills
Do you not follow your dreams?
But keep popping those pills?

Do you like these words?
Have they hit home or missed?
If life was a game of cards
Would you stick or twist?

Mark Scotchford © 12/10/2014

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Why High Heels?

Bionda castana 1

I have always loved high heels. No, I don’t mean wearing them myself, I mean their design and them being worn by another, and my preference here is a woman. I have always been intrigued by their design, who makes them and why, and why women wear them? Do they actually like wearing them or do they wear them because they think they are expected to, etc?

high heels 4crop

I know some feminists believe the high heel is yet another scornful surge in the control and domineering world of men and women are ‘forced’ to wear them purely for men’s enjoyment, and because they are expected to, and because they are supposed to be sexy.

I would be very interested to know how many women actually agree with any of this, apart from the last part. I’m sure most women agree they feel sexy, attractive and alluring when wearing high heels. Although I guess these emotions are all directly linked to the competency and confidence they have in walking in the heels themselves.

Personally I think they empower women. The high heel is like the woman who wears them. They can exude power, or be sexy, controlling, and also vulnerable. And like all aspect of a woman’s life, they are a massive compromise. Someone once said ‘pain is beauty’.

I’m  reminded of a swan with a woman wearing a high heel. Elegant up top; frantic paddling underneath. It takes a while to walk well on them, I’m guessing. Not that I have ever tried.

Men, in general only wear things that are comfortable. Woman, get used to dealing, wearing, and using things that are not. I hope men aren’t on this list too are they?

Have you ever had a woman walk behind you when she is wearing high heels? (No, not like that)
They sound loud and can be quite intimidating. You can tell a lot from the time gap between the footsteps. Used to wearing them? Just started? Comfortable? Struggling? Self assured? In a hurry? There is something just more pronounced about movement when wearing a high heel. Just something more poignant.

The design is amazing when you think about it. The sound comes from the smallest point against the ground, not the largest. Like the expression ‘The whisper is louder than the shout’ the design of the shoe reminds me of how a woman actually is, most of the time. Quiet, considered, measured, calm, controlled, smooth, always weighing any giving situation up. Like the shoe they can be very elegant, they can show you their sexy smooth side, and do this with subtleness and seduction. Or they can be inherently strong, and very dangerous. Imagine a high heel being thrown at you at velocity, you certainly wouldn’t want the heel end heading for you would you?

Yet under other circumstances (which I will leave to your imagination), a high heel can be very appealing.

I saw a late night program where these volunteers were going out helping being in distress late at night, which basically meant they were helping drunkards get home. One of the things they were doing was giving flip flops to drunken women that they could wear instead of their high heels in order to help them walk home. I found this hilarious and fascinating. The flip fop receiver’s were literally exasperated with their thanks to these women offering them. Just goes to show how difficult they are to walk in, how uncomfortable they are, and how drunk the women were. It also shows how the smallest gesture can matter.

Wearing a high heel will almost always be to the physical detriment of the wearer, be it back pain, damaged feet, leg pain etc etc, the list goes on and on. And almost any benefit to wearing a high heel is almost always aesthetic. The illusion of longer legs, accentuation of tone, and posture etc, plus they make a woman look taller.

Yet women will be wearing them out tonight in their millions. Why?

Please do get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

Bionda castana 2

Mark Scotchford © 11/10/2014

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