Would this be a good advert for Jaguar?

We are all guided by our own experiences

Our instincts are our light

Sometimes we get caught up in a moment

Freeze, Fight, or take flight

We stick to what we know

Reluctant to break the mould

It’s time to make a change

Jaguar has evolved

jag leap cat



Mark Scotchford © 16/09/2014 – revised 27/09/2014 ©

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Power Corrupts

Your manager is so powerful
They control your every day
Who would they be?
If that power was taken away?

How strong would they be without their BMW and structured plan?
Take that all away from them and would you see a man?

No you wouldn’t
I’ll tell you what you will find
A tortured soul who is not happy with his life
Taking it out on you is easier than facing the truth
They are not strong at all
That’s why they have to prove

Making your life hell
Because they screwed up their own
After all the meetings
At home they are alone

Surrounded by toys they couldn’t have when young
They told themselves they would become someone
No matter what they have got
No matter how much they achieve
The pain inside that eats at them will never leave

Until they face the past they hide behind
Peace in their soul they will never find

Don’t let them get to you
Or ever hold you back
They are cowardly so now they just attack

You’re so much better than them
They know it already
Leave them behind and keep it all steady

Do what you want
All they never could
And don’t wish them harm
They never understood

Mark Scotchford © Written in 2004 Just rediscovered 18/09/2014

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We All Need Love

My name is Lulu
I can see right through you
I can see all you want to be
As you stare back at me

I sit and I guard
I wait till they come
And because of you
I won’t run

I’m watching your every move
And one day I will prove
That I love you

Do you know what it’s like?
When you come home at night
And you ignore me

I feel of no worth
Please hug me for there is no curse
On love or affection
It’s an infection
That’s good to pass on

Don’t leave it too long
Because I could be gone

So who or what am I to you?
May I ask if you know that?
Look down at your feet
For I am just your cat

Mark Scotchford © First written 10/07/2004 Just rediscovered

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Windows on the World

We lost a lot
Gave so much
Know you’re listening
Still in touch

A loss so tragic
Tired of counting
As years pass
We climbed the mountain

Back to the top
Where you could see
We spread our wings
You’re still with me

Bless your soul
Whoever the master
Tears still flow
But dry up faster

Follow in your steps
Our dreams to make
We will not fail
Too much at stake

Mark Scotchford © 03/09/2014

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Do Rolex Rule?

Well I wonder how many people will read this heading and think to themselves:- ‘Who or what are Rolex?’

Not that many I presume. And I guess this will go some way to answering this question, or does it? It depends in what terms are we thinking? Design? Marketing? Innovation? Popularity? Quality? Luxury? The desire to own one?

This article will hopefully touch on these separate aspects as questions and I may alleviate some of the myths about the brand on the way.

OK, let’s safely assume a large majority of the population of the western world has heard of the name Rolex. A name thought up by the brand creator Hans Wilsdorf to be deliberately easy to say, recognise and spell.

Even a large percentage of the population of underdeveloped countries will probably recognise the name. I have been fascinated by this brand since I was a small child, and have followed its rise and rise to the unparallel and continued success it sees today. Here is what I have come to know and understand about Rolex.

Marketing and Branding

Taking anything and everything into consideration, the marketing and branding of Rolex is almost untouchable, and really, can be labelled a continual master stroke of genius. Even the off the cuff flippant casual remark of ‘so what are you going to do now, buy yourself a Rolex?’ This can be viewed either way around. To some it shows as a symbol of arrogance, showing off, wanting to be noticed. To others they may applaud thinking yes, good for you, celebrate your achievement, the milestone reached.

Owning a Rolex means something, whether good or bad. It has stature and presence. They do various designs, some subtle, some not so, some understated and elegant, others ghastly and crude.

Rolex did make some pioneering moves within the industry, they were the first with many designs and innovations but there maestro move definitely has to be marketing and branding.

In the early 1970’s they patented the idea of a watch sitting in a tank of water, showing off its water resistance. This was in display windows everywhere. It was simple but very clever. That is in a nutshell sums up what Rolex’s are. Even when other manufactures caught up with the water resistance Rolex could offer, they still couldn’t show it. Sure, in an advert you can say whatever you like, but as you walked past a shop, here a Rolex watch was, working and submersed in water. Very physical, practical and eye catching.

This for me sums them up from a marketing standpoint. And branding, well they kind of do pretty well in that area too. Rolex make you want their watches. The brand is shown as successful, kind of honest, hard working, and the message is that you’ve made it in life when you can own one, and more importantly you deserve to have one.

Other clever ploys, and they have many more than I mention, are to:-

• Stop and start production of models
• Introduce very subtle changes to the models available
• Regularly increase prices
• Fundamentally keep the same design
• Intersperse existing models with new innovations

An example of the latter would be the new ceramic Bezel design they have come up with for certain models. If you don’t know, the Bezel is the part of the watch that sits on top of the case and it holds the glass in place. This new design of Bezel is crisper than the old, non fading and to top it off, they’ve made it in colours they haven’t used for a while.

An example of the first point and others is the Milgauss. One of my favourite models, even though it’s design harks back to a solution to customers who worked in power plants etc. It was introduced in 1956 to offer protection for any customers who worked extensively near excessive magnetic fields as in a normal movement of a watch; this would play havoc with its timekeeping. They discontinued it in 1988 amidst an uproar and price soar of the existing models as few were sold at the time.

They then made a couple of design changes and re-introduced it in 2007. In 2007 there were 3 model variations, one in particularly being more popular and sought after than the other two. Naturally in the Rolex world, you paid a premium for this one. As an example of their fantastic price hiking, in 2008 after being re-introduced, a GV variant’s list price was just under £4,000. In 2012 the list price for the same model was £5,500 whilst showing no hint of any changes whatsoever. The Milgauss range has since seemed to have slowed down in popularity and thus their new version with a gorgeous blue dial, introduced this year retails at £5,500 too. It is worth noting that at the time of re-introduction ‘change hands’ prices of these models was widely reported as being double the retail price at the time.

End of Part 1 Mark Scotchford © 29/08/2014

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Girl aged 9 accidentally shoots her gun instructor in the head

girl and gun

Guess where? Yep, you’ve guessed it, America.

I’m so flabbergasted by this; I’m almost unable to write about it. I could join dots; piece things together, quote facts and figures, but really are they necessary?

All you need really do is read this heading over and over again, and tell me whether you think it is perfectly natural to bear arms and show a girl how to fire a gun when she is 9, never mind at all?

The facts are it was an Uzi, an Uzi for god sake. Not just a gun, not a little gun but a sub-machine gun. It is favoured for short bursts of blanket automatic fire. In this tragic accident, I initially thought the gun was in ‘Single Shot’ mode and slipped somehow into ‘fully automatic’ mode but it didn’t. The instructor, called Charles Vacca, switched it into automatic mode and handed it back to her after she had already fired it in ‘Single Shot’ mode.

I’m sorry but……Jesus Christ, really? The gun weighs 3.2kg or 7.72 lbs. That is quite heavy and it is quite a large weapon too, not slight. Have you ever held a gun? Ever felt the kick from one when it is fired?

I’ve held a gun, but never fired one, and I’ve been assured the kick from even a small gun is quite substantial. Even a small gun has a substantial weight to it. And you’ll often see actors who aren’t even firing live rounds blink as they fire even when used to it because it is still quite a shock to the system.

I’m going to say this one fact again whilst I write this…. She was 9. Nine…… 9??????

Bullets and Burgers, yes, that’s the name of the place in Arizona where this happened has an age restriction of 8. Yes, 8. An eight year old accompanied can fire a gun. Her parents were filming the event.

I bet some eight year old can’t even get on amusement rides at that age……

A mid size saucepan full of water weighs about 5 lbs.  Two pounds lighter than this gun does. Hold that in one hand. It is quite heavy even for me and I’m 6 foot and weigh 14 stone. Do you think your 9 year old son or daughter would be strong enough to lift it in one hand? If so, would you ask them to walk around the house with this saucepan if the water in it was boiling? Would you feel they were safe?

Now imagine it was a sub-machine gun instead, and she wasn’t trained to hold it properly. As the gun was fired, it will lift up, and even if she was holding it correctly and supporting herself I doubt she would have the strength to hold it. And the initial momentum would have been one hell of a shock to control.

I’m not even going to write any more on this subject. Except to say my thoughts go out to the family of the instructor who died, who was an ex soldier. And my thoughts also go out to the little girl, who while following her parent’s guidance, has now killed someone. Even though she can’t legally drive, smoke, drink, or fornicate.

To think anymore about this is upsetting and actually makes me angry. Mr Obama, I know your tenure is tough and I know even if you change gun laws once you’re out of office they will probably be changed right back again, but…..

If America was ever waiting for a reason to change their gun law, not that there hasn’t been enough already, now…..right now would be a very good time.

Who agrees?

Mark Scotchford © 27/08/2014

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Hurry up now
Are you sure you have the time?
To read this poem
To read every line

Your texts are short
Abbreviate every word
Don’t you think it’s strange?
A little absurd

Everything so quick
Not a moment to waste
Nothing hand written
Just cut and paste

You save your effort
For the things that don’t matter
Every movement has motive
You network not natter

What could you have done?
Instead of reading this
Arranged another meeting
Or had a passionate kiss?

First written 28th August 2008 © Mark Scotchford

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